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Carbon dioxide can play a huge role in coffee production. It affects in creating the flavor – good or bad and also in cleaning, that is with the Co2 blasting. Coffee is produced from beans which are actually seeds. They are dried and roasted to make the powder that we get roasting of these coffee beans. It gives it the aroma and the flavor. While this roasting process is done, it gives out carbon dioxide gas. The producers allow the gas to escape and the coffee beans are stored in degassing bins for weeks or months. While too much of carbon dioxide is bad for the coffee beans because it might add a sour taste, it is also required to work against the biggest enemy in coffee production, oxygen that creates a rancid taste.


Cryogenic Freezing of Coffee Beans

Before the coffee beans are grinded, they should be maintained in cold condition that can help to produce a uniform grain and eventually help in optimal extraction. For example the extraction method required to get the coffee for espresso is different than the one you need for a cold brew coffee. For espresso, the grind in the basket needs to be uniform but for a cold brewing a moderate pressure extraction can work. For both these productions you need to keep the beans in a cold condition but keeping them in freezer is a bad idea because freezers are very arid and the volatile oils in the coffee beans can sublimate. This is why the use of dry ice is popular in coffee production.

In Cleaning - Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice is a tasteless, colorless, odorless, waterless and non-toxic element that helps to remove grease, oil, dust and other residents from conveyors, mixtures, or cold storage areas without leaving any harmful secondary waste. Cleaning with dry ice is effective as it replaces the labor intensive manual scrubbing process and is also inexpensive. The process of cleaning the coffee roasters involves the use of dry ice blasting that gives superior result.

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