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There are strict regulations in food storage and preparation and dry ice has been an essential tool in maintaining these standards in commercial kitchens, supermarkets and restaurants. It is beneficial in removing bacteria of mildew and mold that are formed in places that handle food regularly. As dry ice helps to remove the source of bacteria, this helps in keeping a working kitchen as sanitized as possible and prevents any food borne disease or allergic complications.

How to keep food and other perishable items fresh

Dry ice is kept at a temperature of -109 degree Fahrenheit and can replace the cooling power of a freezer or refrigerator.

Maintaining the produce at chilled temperature – place small amount of dry ice in a container but not directly on the food and drink. Place it in a side compartment that can maintain the chilled temperature for the produce. Generally, gel packs are ideal. Soak the gel packs in water and place it in the freezer and distribute evenly on the cooler.

Maintaining frozen temperature – to keep your food frozen, using dry ice slices are the best option. You can individually wrap the foods and distribute it according to your storage area. You will need approximately 10 kg of dry ice for 48 hours of storage. To make it most effective you need to have it insulated to reduce the sublimation rate.

 Airline shipping – use of dry ice is very popular in any form of airline shipping. The experts of Foot Hill dry ice can tell you how much dry ice you will require to ship a certain amount of food or perishable items.

Champagne reception – one of the most spectacular addition to any house parties or events is the champagne glass tower and creating a cascading fog effect. Dry ice pellets can be safely used in a glass without the risk of swallowing. Make sure that it is not added lose into the drinks because the extremely low temperature can cause internal injuries if consumed.

Dry ice cocktails – fun and unique fog effect can be created with the dry ice pellets. Submerging this in a glass of cocktail can create the effect but should not be swallowed to avoid internal injuries.

Food presentation – sometimes in restaurants, dry ice is used to present different types of foods. Dry ice pellets are the best options and can be used as toppings on serving trays.

Homemade ice cream – for homemade ice cream, the crushed dry ice pellets is one of the most important ingredients. Keep adding them with the rest of the ingredients until the desired consistency is reached. The carbon dioxide in the mixture creates a carbonated ice cream.

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