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Frozen Food is common for most of us. They are incredibly convenient and can be used almost anywhere. Most importantly, they can be preserved for weeks and sometimes even for months. The Cannabis industry has also uncovered the benefit of fresh frozen marijuana.

 There are many home growers of hemp who would like to freeze their weed and use it when needed. But in commercial marijuana growing sector, freezing the harvest needs lots of dry ice.


Preserving the Hemp

Medical marijuana is getting legal in many states. Therefore, there is a significant rise in Cannabis cultivation. Although there is a significant difference in the supply and demand situation, this is a controlled sector and the cultivators are always at the lookout for how to make the most of it even with limited cultivation.

However in some States, the growers are cultivating so much of the hemp that the supply is out doing the demand. Instead of disposing the extra hemp, it is wise to store them in a way so that they remain fresh for a long term. Properly cured and dried herbs can last for as long as 18 months when stored in a cool dry place and much away from the sunlight.

The Process

The fresh frozen with is cryogenically frozen. The companies freeze the weed immediately after the harvest is done so that the terpenes are preserved completely. The best part about fresh frozen marijuana is that there is no need for the process of drying and curing when you are using it. All the farmers need to do is cut their plants and clean the stems, leaves and branches and vacuum seal the rest of it. The bags are then placed in massive freezer at a temperature of -38 degree Fahrenheit. At such a freezing temperature all of the plants’ cannabinoids and flavors are locked intact. This is a rapidly growing market as the farmers and the cultivators are aware of the many benefits of freezing their product immediately after harvest.

If you need the quality dry ice supply, we are here to provide you with the premium quality product. Cultivation companies have realized that fresh frozen cannabis can help them save a lot of their money, time and risk. So, what was once-essential-post-harvest process, this dry ice freezing concept has given them a new way to store weed.

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