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Dr Ice for Wine Industry

Foothill Dry Ice has been working with some of the leading wine producers in California. Apart from cooperating with commercial and recreational dry ice supply, we provide solutions for different industrial processes – one of which is the wine industry.

 Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide gas this is used by wine makers during many stages of fermentation but the most important application is done at the beginning of the process.

Dry ice goes from solid state to gas directly without precipitating anything liquid. The first goal in wine production is to keep a cold ferment. Often, the winemakers and wineries find it challenging to get adequate space where they can store grapes at a standard temperature from the beginning of production. So the grapes that are not always inside a cool room can get rotten.


For a wine maker, we understand the importance of dry ice supply at the right time and we take pride in providing the quality supply for your wine production.

 Our dry ice can also be used in transporting grapes from the vineyards to the production centre. They are often used by wineries to prevent exposure to high temperature and control rapid fermentation.

Our premium dry ice helps in reducing the possibility of deterioration in the production stage by controlling the oxidation and maintaining the quality of the grapes. To find out more about our dry ice supplier, get in touch with us at (530) 322-0317.

We provide 24/7 supply of dry ice. 

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