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Ice Blasting Commercial Cleaning

Dry ice blasting is a non-destructive procedure for cleaning surfaces or removing unwanted debris and coatings such as rust or paint. This is a safe method and is most commonly utilized in commercial and industrial applications.

 Dry ice is frozen solid form of carbon dioxide and has plenty of applications; and Foothill dry ice has helped a number of commercial and industries in cleaning with their dry ice supply.

 In basic terms, blast cleaning with dry ice is a process where a surface is applied with compressed air and dry ice particles. Dry ice pellets and the compressed air create an explosive sublimation and the blast stream cleans the area. This has been preferred over other blasting methods such as sand blasting, plastic bead or glass bead.


Why blast cleaning has gained popularity?

The reason why Foothill dry ice has seen a huge demand in its supply for industrial cleaning is because dry ice blasting is a superior method of cleaning and does not leave any residue and also causes little harm to the surface. The unwanted contaminants on the surface are frozen immediately when they are blasted with the dry ice. As soon as the explosion takes place, it removes the unwanted coating which can be paint, grease or rust.

Can dry ice blast cleaning be safely performed in closed space?

Yes, it is a safe and effective cleaning procedure that is generally used for commercial purposes but can also be used in certain residential environments such as in fire restoration or mold remediation work. As the dry ice pellets are non toxic and non abrasive and sublimes into CO2 dissipating into the atmosphere, this has been a popular choice for cleaning. Also, the transient nature of the dry ice poses very little danger for collateral damage.

What happens to the dirt like oil and grease?

During the cleaning, most of the debris falls on the floor which can be then swept. Since the blast cleaning process do not involve any chemicals or any harsh cleaning solvent, it can be performed quickly and easily on very stubborn dirt as well. When the dry ice blast cleaning is done, the grease and rust can me mopped away through the normal procedure.

What are the benefits of dry ice commercial cleaning?

  • does not required water
  • no grit or chemicals
  • reduces time for maintenance
  • non conducive and thus can be safely used even on electrical connections
  • can be cleaned with minimal disassembly
  • ecologically harmless
  • does not expose the surface to corrosive solvents
  • little secondary waste
  • no damage or acting on the surfaces
  • sensitive machinery are not affected
  • does not require any extra drying time
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