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Ice Blasting and Fire Prevention

Dry ice blasting is one of the most popular ways that is used to restore properties which have faced fire or smoke damage. It is ideal when it comes to restoration of concrete, wood, brick and other building materials as it has the property of instant drying. Also it leaves little residue.
The use of dry ice has become popular as the insurance industry and adjusters also recommend its effectiveness in removing smell, smoke, mold mildew and fire damage without adding any more destruction on the surface materials.
With the premium quality dry ice from our company, you can be rest assured –
  • to get clean surface without any more erosion and itching as opposed to typical abrasive blasting
  • safe for use on electrical components
  • does not have water damage
  • no extra acid or caustic use required successfully
  • cleans brick, wood, concrete and remove the smell

Dry ice blasting has been a preferred method in removing vaporized synthetic resins, smoke soot and char. our advanced dry ice quality uses the best frozen CO2 that can eliminate or reduce the burnt smell effectively.


Why our dry ice is the most popular choice

Our dry ice used in blasting is a faster option than any other traditional fire restoration methods.
  • Offers cleaners blasting without any residue as soda or sand
  • Safe to use on any surface as no chemicals are used
  • It’s a fast and efficient method of removing fire and smoke damage

Dry ice in fire prevention

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an environmentally friendly option for firefighting but dry ice which is frozen CO2 and mixture of water can also help to put out fire effectively, in fact more quickly. So, the effectiveness of dry ice and pellets of carbon dioxide hydrates are very popularly used in putting out small controlled fires. The hydrates helped to put the fire out quicker than when only CO2 is used.

Foothill dry ice provides complete solution for any fire restoration work through its best quality product. Call us anytime and we will deliver at the fastest possible time.

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