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Power Outages

Without power supply, refrigerators can keep food cool for 4 to 6 hours depending on the ambient temperature of the kitchen. However, when you are anticipating longer power outage, you need to have insulated containers to keep the food in edible condition.

While you keep the freezer in the coldest temperature, you should also be prepared with dry ice if you are aware that there will be shortage of power supply for longer hours. If you have a 20 cubic feet full freezer, you will need about 50 pounds of dry ice to keep the food frozen for about 4 days. If the freezer is half empty, the foods might remain frozen for more than a day but with dry ice, it can extend up to 3 days.

To place it, take a cardboard on top of the food and place the dry ice on top of the cardboard. The best part about this is that dry ice sublimate, that is, it does not leave any liquid residue. Be careful about ventilation scope in the room. The carbon dioxide gas can accumulate and cause difficulty in breathing or even unconsciousness.

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